Inda Precision. The company's services include CNC turning, CNC milling and boring, robotic welding as well as the conventional skills in turning, milling, jig boring / grinding, welding, grinding-surface, O.D./I.D. and custom fabrication. 

Our service, We offer custom metal sheet and precision tooling fabrication in Malaysia, specializes in CNC precision production machining as well as prototypes and one-off tooling and fixtures. We have experience in machining exotic materials such as titanium, nimonic, pre-hardened alloys, tool steels and all types stainless steel. We're committed not only customer satisfaction, we need to exceed and delight them with a focused continuous engineering improvement and value added services.

Our equipments, a) CNC turning b) CNC milling c) Milling machine d) Bending machine e) Profile projector f) Griding machine g) Cutting machine h) Turning machine i) Laser cut machine j) CNM k) Welder l) Sheet metal fabrication.

Cora Lim

Phone: +60124310076



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